CMAD or the Carpet Mills Arts District is a special zoning Arts District encompassing a massive two block area of the former Alexander Smith Carpet Mills. The Mills, a Victorian era industrial complex, is comprised of over 30 buildings and millions of square feet. The complex is multifunctional featuring multiple businesses, including and most famous for YoHo Art Studios. CMAD is located in Yonkers, NY.

The CMAD Partnership is a coalition guided by the PowerLab of Yonkers, CMAD owners, YOHO Artists collective, Yonkers Arts, and the City of Yonkers. The partnership's mission is the effective stewardship concerning the arts in the Carpet Mills Arts District (CMAD) in Yonkers and the success of the inaugural festival.

the event

The 5th annual Yonkers Arts Weekend is an urban arts festival celebrating Yonkers Art, Culture and Music scene. YAW 18’ will include the 15th annual YOHO OPEN STUDIO building into a dynamic art show featuring local, regional and international artists

Yonkers Arts Weekend is a celebration of the thriving and diverse arts community in the City of Yonkers. On Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, hundreds of local, regional and international artists, artisans, painters, fashion designers, photographers, sculptors, craftsmen, musicians, filmmakers, new media specialists, and other artists will converge on Yonkers to showcase their work at Yonkers Arts Weekend.



"Yonkers carpet mills transform into arts center." — LoHud.com

"Carpet Mills Arts District Promotes Arts In Yonkers. " — Yonkers Daily Voice